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Houston Volunteers NEEDED

National Baptist Convention of America International, Inc.
Rev. Samuel C. Tolbert, Jr., MDiv., President
Rev. S.C. Dixon, General Secretary


As many of you are aware, our brothers & sisters are experiencing severe weather in the HOUSTON area. We currently have a national agreement between Lott Carey, NBCA, and the American Red Cross.

The American Red Cross is providing shelter, meals, relief supplies and comfort to residents of the greater Houston area impacted by this week’s devastating flooding in the region. It is anticipated that additional families may be affected by flooding over the next several days.
Through this announcement we are asking for help in identifying volunteers in the HOUSTON
area; to sign-up and get deployed. If you are able to volunteer or know of someone who is will-ing to assist in that area, please click on the Red Cross Volunteer link below.
Once this is done, the Volunteer Connection application should be completed. Based on their availability and need, they will be contacted. We must keep track of all our volunteers signing up, so as soon as you have successfully signed up, please call or send an email to: Sis. Alcena Mouton at or 832-712-6656.

Please let us remain prayerful for our brothers and sisters in Texas. We will stay informed of needs on the ground through our Lott Carey/NBCA Disaster Operations Contact and Presi-dent, NBCA Home Mission Board – Texas, Rev. Dr. Ronald Smith.

Sure of Eternal Life
Rev. Samuel C. Tolbert, Jr.
Go to the Texas Gulf Coast website
and become a Red Cross Volunteer

This site contains an application link for all Event Based Volunteers (Adult and Youth)
URGENT: Red Cross Volunteers Needed
Houston, TEXAS

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 Posted on : May 2, 2016
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