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Course No. Course Title /Description Instructor Textbook



Connecting Your Faith and Truth – A Course designed to provide students with basic Bible truths

Rev. Terrance Blackshure $10.99

How to Develop an Evangelistic Church – Focusing upon strategies for individuals who seek to personalize their witness by identifying Biblical principles, and modeling practical methods for the serious soul-winner.

Rev. R. A. Rogers $10.00

How to Study the Bible – Methods involved in sound study of the bible and experiencing the excitement in find the hidden truths for teaching Gods Word.

Rev. Richard Rose

Sermons, Ceremonies and Delivery – The course seeks to direct Ministers in the areas of proper methods of ministerial duties, and communicating God’s Word to mankind.

Rev. M. A. Paul $15.00

Church Administration – This course will give ideas of various church ministries to help meet the people where they are.

Sis. S. Rose



Church Leadership and Growth Development – Course designed to equip the saints of God with the knowledge and skills necessary to become effective church leaders.


Training the Deacons for Ministry – a delineation of the qualities sought, the qualifications and duties of and the Biblical basis for deacons and deaconesses in the church. Special emphasis will be placed on their mutual roles in support of the pastoral ministries.

TBA $25.00

Basic Bible Interpretations – Student will be able to observe God’s written Word, interpret the scriptures by implementation of historical and objective principles and be able to apply with accuracy God’s will to his or her life situations.

Rev. Abe Goff $30.00

Lost Art of Disciple Making – A study course designed to assist churches in increasing their retention of members once they have united with the church.

Rev. W. Darden $9.99

Developing Your Youth Ministry this class will give insight to youth workers as to how the use various methods are prudent to reaching and holding the attention of your youth.

Sis. M. Paul

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 Posted on : June 28, 2013