The Union Baptist Fellowship Home Missions Board

Welcome to the Union Baptist Home Missions Department!
The Union Baptist Home Mission Department is under the leadership of Pastor Wilford Darden founder of Equippers’ Bible Fellowship church in Houston Texas.

Pastor Darden is also the founder of Jesus is Alpha and Omega Ministries a non-profit organization that equips the church to effectively give Biblical answers to deceptive belief systems such a Agnostics (inner-city), secularism (corporate), false religions (Islam), cults (Jehovah’s Witnesses), and the occult (palm readers/ witchcraft).

Home Missions Vision Statement
The Union Baptist Fellowship Home Missions vision is to develop Fellowship Churches that agree to operate as Biblical Models of Functioning Churches.

The Purpose of Union Baptist Fellowship Home Missions Board
The purpose and objective of the Board of Home Missions is to support and strengthen our local and domestic member churches in the development of outreach administration, discipleship and outreach through fellowships, conferences, seminars, and financial aid in developing ministry and ministry facilitation.
We seek to come along side churches and assist in encouraging growth spiritually and numerically.

The Goal of Home Missions:
The goal of Home Missions is to assist the Fellowship Churches in reaching the full potential of operating according to the Biblical model of a functioning Church.  This will be mediated through the Family Ministry Concept (see below).

This will be done by (1) the fortification and expansion of  the Fellowship Churches’ outreach efforts through instruction and collaboration, and by (2) the establishment of solidarity amongst church administrations so that programs seeking to advance the Kingdom of God may run smoothly.

In order to accomplish these objectives, The Union Baptist Home Missions Program has instituted two programs.

Union Baptist Home Missions Training

This training will involve the discipleship of churches and church leaders on the Family Ministry Concept.  The idea behind the Family Ministry Concept is to fortify churches to engage the community through healthy relationships and empowered families. A family is the result of two or more people interacting in a relationship to transfer God’s Image and Likeness on to the next generation for the purpose of a functional society.   A spiritually healthy family is a family where God’s Presence and Word is flowing freely into the comprehension, hearts, nature, and gifts in such a way that every member of the household is both saved and empowered to obey God.  It is the belief of the Union Baptist Home Missions Department that spiritually healthy families will minister to other families, people in their workplaces, other churches, and their communities so that God’s Order and Standards are returned to produce a functional society.

Union Baptist Home Missions Projects

In addition to the Home Missions Training, we also seek to establish Home Missions Projects.   Within these projects, we will establish Disaster Relief Programs.  As the community that Union Baptist Fellowship serves is subject both to hurricanes and heat waves, we will establish programs that will aid with both.  In dealing with the potential need after a hurricane has struck, we will purchase generators that will provide electricity to those who may have experienced outages as a result of the storm.  In order to respond to extreme heat, we will also be ready to provide window air conditioning units to families who may not otherwise have a way to combat the heat the plagues the Texas community during the summer.  We plan on having sites in Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, and in the Beaumont-Port Arthur area.

For more information on either the Union Baptist Home Missions Training, or the Union Baptist Home Missions Projects, you may contact us at, or contact us here. God bless!

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 Posted on : April 10, 2012